Bringing learning to life

More can be accomplished when working one-to-one or within a small group. In general, two to three hours' home tuition is equivalent to a full day at school. Measurable improvement can only help build pupils' confidence and self-esteem and maximise their enjoyment of a subject. After all, when information contains a 'fun' quota it can be more readily absorbed. And so often the results speak for themselves.

Free from the confines of the classroom or the lecture hall, home-based tuition - referred via Home School Tutoring across South Manchester and Cheshire - offers a more relaxed and encouraging learning environment.

We can also arrange for SMALL GROUP TUTORING either in the home, at the tutor's home, at school or at the office.

We provide support at all levels with:

  • A/S Subjects
  • Adult Learning
  • Advanced / Higher Levels
  • Basic Mathematics and English
  • English as a foreign language
  • Entrance Exams (inc 11+)
  • GCSE
  • I.T. / I.C.T. assistance
  • Language tutoring for conversation or business communication
  • Musical instrument lessons
  • SATs
  • Special Needs / Learning Difficulties / Dyslexia

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